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BMW M3 E46 N-Spec

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This mod is a tuned and improved version of my friend Yuki M3 E46, who is happy to allow me to share this mod to the world.

The goal was to make a track inspired E46 M3. Therefore it’s got functional aero, CSL steering rack, coilovers and semi-slicks. Two different engine setups are available: Stroked S54 or S85 swap.

Extra A : Fog lights

Extra B : Width Lamps

Extra C : Interior Lights


Base : Gran Turismo 7

Stock Conversion: Yuki (The 3d has been reworked for better looks and lower poly count)

Everything related to the custom parts: Igna15

Physics: Yuki, modified stuff from Mushroom's and Gentle mind performance.

Lights Extension : Tim,Yuki updated by igna15

Materials : Tim, Yuki updated by Igna15

Animation : Yuki

Sound : Vilau (V10) / Scibsound (S54)

Japanese plates: Rize, Ciba and Drifty Joe.

Skins: Igna15 and Jumpy (Schirmer and M power livery)

DK gloves (available on selected sins): The Nuvolari

CSP Required : 1.79+

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E46 for the track! (Two versions)

395 MB
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BMW M3 E46 N-Spec

24 ratings
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